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September 14, 2009

All the mental-health news fit to this post

Thanks to, I gathered up some recent news in the world of mental health:

Yale Researchers Succeed In Repairing Brain Damage Caused By Chronic Stress, Lead Poisoning, Potential Implications For Bipolar Disorder

” These findings have direct relevance to our understanding of bipolar disorder, where genetic insults increase protein kinase C signaling which may be associated with a loss of prefrontal grey matter and behavioral control.”

Depression increases cancer patients’ risk of dying

“‘We found an increased risk of death in patients who report more depressive symptoms than others and also in patients who have been diagnosed with a depressive disorder compared to patients who have not,’ said Satin. In the combined studies, the death rates were up to 25 percent higher in patients experiencing depressive symptoms and 39 percent higher in patients diagnosed with major or minor depression.”

Ketamine reduces suicidality in depressed patients: Science Daily

“Ketamine acutely reduced suicidal thoughts when patients were assessed 24 hours after a single infusion. This reduction in suicidality was maintained when patients received repeated doses over the next two weeks.”

Study: Mild depression in teens often gets worse (

“Teenagers who experience mild depression are more likely to suffer from major depression, eating disorders, and anxiety disorders as adults, researchers say. The investigators say their finding suggests that it’s vital to provide support and assistance to teens who show two or more persistent depression symptoms.”

Study: Social networks benefit our health (

“It’s much cheaper than medication, with far fewer side effects, and is also much more enjoyable.”

August 16, 2009

Depression Treatment Breakthroughs, Beyond ECT-

I found this article Beyond Prozac – Depression Treatment Breakthroughs, written by Tim Jarvis, on It highlights the newest treatments coming to possible availability, such as magnetic seizure therapy (MST), where a seizure is induced by a magnetic field rather than by electricity. The article  also discusses DBS, “brain implants that work like pacemakers to keep a lagging neural area up to speed.” Apparently, ketamine, the anesthetic, is being investigated as another viable treatment for depression (It’s noted that a small dose snapped people out of depression almost instantly).

And people think ECT is the only “radical” treatment out there.

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