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May 10, 2010

Dr. F: the nicest psychiatrist

I got this note in the mail and read it. This is quite honestly one of the nicest notes I’ve ever received! No other doctor would even think to do something like this for their patients!! I really, really appreciate Dr. F!

July 28, 2009

a random journal entry

The following is such a dumb, little story, but I’m writing it out anyway.

My mother, sister and I were at Trader Joe’s yesterday looking for some dried currants. We didn’t find them, but I believe I spotted Dr. F, my new ECT psychiatrist in the frozen foods aisle. I nearly froze as I saw him; I could not say hello to him. I’m not quite sure why I became so nervous from seeing Dr. F. After all, he is such a nice doctor that I’m glad he is my ECT doc.  But maybe it had something to do with the fact that I’ve only met him three times, twice for brief moments just before the ‘little sparks.’ Still, how could I have been that nervous to see someone who knows quite a lot about me? I still feel a bit odd about this whole near-meeting.

Speaking of seeing Dr. F, my next ECT is in a little over a week.   After listening to  how I was feeling last week, he told me that I will be receiving ECT every two weeks for few more series rather than moving it apart to once-a-month. As much as I have a tendency of talking about my ECT days like a routine dental appointment, the amount of nervousness I felt when he told me about my ECT frequency did indicate to me that I had a fair amount of apprehension and worry left in me. (Maybe it is this feeling that carried over into my hesitation toward seeing Dr. F.)  The thing is, ECT is becoming even more routine than going to a dentist. ECT is now a part of my life that gets planned around like it’s a weekly meeting where I must be in attendance. As I think about class schedules for the fall, I find myself planning to sign up for classes that accommodate my regular ECT schedule. It apparently looks like things will work out in the fall, schedule-wise.

Perhaps I should have approached Dr. F at Trader Joe’s. Dr. A, my regular psychiatrist, is on vacation this week and I could’ve used some face-time with a professional. Oh, well. I’ll be seeing him at Parthenon Pavilion for many times to come.

March 17, 2009

Examining life through the lens of the Sopranos (prologue)

My mother is leaving on Sunday. She’s, in that last 2+ months, decided that the Sopranos is her favorite television series ever. So, I handed her the Sopranos complete series DVD set sort of as a thank-you gift. Because you can’t watch those DVDs in Japan (regionalism), it’s been like some Sopranos marathon at our house. Maybe it’s because I’ve already seen much of the series before and can pay attention more to the nuances this time, but the little scenes, conversations, etc. now have begun to unearth similar scenes from my own life episodes, ranging from those benign ones to others that are a bit disturbing.

Obviously, all the ‘shrinkage’ scenes between Tony and his psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Melfi get me thinking about my relationship with my own Dr. Melfi. (Btw.watching their sessions repeatedly also made me realize that I somehow memorized the wrong date and missed my own Dr. Melfi appointment this past week. Not that I would die without it right now – and thank goodness that’s not how I feel -but this isn’t the time to miss these appointments. )

Tony saw Dr. Melfi for six seasons; Dr. A, my Dr. Melfi, has been my psychiatrist nearly every week for almost six years. Their conversations have certainly stirred up the ones I’ve had in Dr. A’s office, though rest assured I’ve never had to make her relocate her practice to a motel room, break her table or threaten her.

And I must continue this journal entry later. This laptop doesn’t seem to enjoy the act of someone typing on it…

February 16, 2009

number 13 and counting…

Twelve treatments are done. And at least three more via sine-wave machine days are on their way. This is already a few more days than the typical number of treatment days, in fact, way more days. I am thankful for my mother for staying an extra month. She is having to change around her own doctor’s appointments so that she can hang around with me. I will not be able to drive around for two weeks after the last ECT, so Mom will have to drive me around. My cat, Simon, is curled up and licking his white paws. He’s become a bit more needy since Mom’s been giving into more of  Simon’s morning calls. There’s a part of me that would like to do something a bit artsy while I am involved in this ECT deal. I wonder if I could get someone to take a picture of me getting ready to be zapped. Or they’ll just think that request is a bit odd. (yes, that’s a bit odd.)
Dr. J. told me today that in the last session I kind of got disoriented and freaked out a little. I hope I didn’t create that scene this time around. I saw the Sine-wave ECT machine and it looks very much like a Samsonite cosmetic bag. I hope it worked better than it looked.
Dr. J. also arranged for a lithium medication tapering schedule! I hope that would allow for my hands to stop with the tremors. I’ve already had to see a neurologist, both instate and out,  over the tremors, and I think it’s time to look at the lithium dosage before I have to go see another neurologist.

In case anyone wondered, I believe the median number of ECT is around 8.  I have a feeling I will double that number….

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