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March 9, 2009

systemic shock

As I write about having to go through these medical procedures, I almost forgot that my journey to better health doesn’t end at just getting the necessary clinical care from the medical community. It is, in fact, far from over. One’s health care experience just isn’t complete until you get through getting all that paper from your insurance company, that is, if you’re privileged enough to have insurance.

But having health insurance doesn’t always mean that you are really covered enough to go see a health-care professional at any time. I was reminded about this upcoming portion of my HC trip when I picked up this week’s copy of TIME magazine. A lone prescription bottle stands against a stark-white cover, and next to it, a question: So You think You’re Insured?

This cover story, “Health-Care Crisis Hits Home,” written by national political correspondent Karen Tumulty, tells the story of the state of the current US health insurance system by sharing the experience that her brother, Pat, had to endure as he dealt with a diagnosis of kidney failure as well as his health-insurance company. Though I thankfully have not gone through a situation of Pat’s gravity, the story hit a little close to home with me because I pay for an individual health insurance that is not connected to any employer, which means my monthly premium is well over $300 with a really high deductible.

Each ‘little spark’ may be a life saver, but every spark comes at a cost, both physically (in this case, cognitively) and financially.

My statements haven’t come in yet from the hospital. I did, however, get my E.O.D. (Explanation of Benefits) for Dr. J’s part of the procedure. It was interesting to notice that each electric service cost was billed at about the same amount as my single therapy session. And it seems that my insurance company was much more eager to cover my receiving a jolt to the head than my sitting on the couch.

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